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    12th China International Recycled Polyester and PET Packaging Conference & Exhibition(2016)
--organized by CCFEI and Dr. Thiele Polyester Technology

Supported by Recycled Fiber Commission of China Chemical Fibers Association and China National Chemical Fiber Corp., organized by CCFEI and Dr. Thiele Polyester Technology, the 12th China International Recycled Polyester Conference & Exhibition started at 9:00, 22 Sep, in Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao, China. More than 300 representatives of leading enterprises and traders from around 15 countries gathered to change ideas and information about recycled polyester chain.

R-PET fiber prices had been declining ever since 2013, and the drop accelerated in 2015. Meanwhile, the gap between R-PET and virgin fiber prices narrowed in 2015, as crude oil values had fallen dramatically since 2014. With less competitive price, R-PET makers saw their financial status worsen, as firm raw material costs and extra costs incurred by natural gas kept eroding their margin. As for near future, market outlook is less encouraging, as crude oil is believed to hover at low price level, and R-PET market will remain long. Nevertheless, there were opportunities lying with the concept of green consumption, as demand is growing for recyclable products. It calls for the industry to accelerate structural adjustment and promote energy saving and emission deduction, thus to achieve sustainable development.

Focusing on widely concerned themes of R-PET industry, speakers from R-PET fiber makers, flake suppliers, equipment suppliers, consumers, traders, industry associations and medias have joined us to share their valuable opinions of market status quo and perspective, with a wide scope of speech contents covering government environment policies, 13th Five Year Plan for R-PET industry, leading-edge technologies and innovations, R-PET applications, etc.

For more details, please see the On Spot report.

Conference Agenda
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