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    15th China International Polyester & Intermediates Forum(2018)
-----organized by CCFEI and Tecnon OrbiChem

The 15th China International Polyester & Intermediates Forum, organized by China Chemical & Fiber Economic Information Network (CCFEI) and Tecnon OrbiChem, was held at 9:00 a.m., 12 Jul, 2018 in Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong, Shanghai, China, with Yufeng Chemical Fiber Machinery as the sponsor. Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, Huatai Great Wall Capital Management and TF Securities also provided us great supports. Around 500 participants from leading players from home and overseas, including BP, Broad Group, China Resources, CNOOC, Guxiandao, Far Eastern Industry, Future Petrochemical, Hengli, Hengyi Petrochemical, Honam Petrochemical, ITG Holding, PetroChina, Reliance, Rongsheng, Sabic, Sanfangxiang, Sinochem, Sinopec, Tongkun, Xiangyu, Xinfengming, Yisheng Petrochemical, Zhajiang Wankai, etc., gathered to exchange ideas about the polyester chain.
Year-to-date, China had been cautiously exercising economic policies to ensure steady growth and minimize risks. On the other hand, the world was watching tax reform and trading barriers set by the US, which caused commodity stock market fluctuating. With crude oil futures listed and suppliers limiting production, crude oil values kept marching north? Will downstream markets be able to absorb increasing supply from new polyester capacities?

To answer above widely concerned issues, speakers from renowned petrochemical giants, consultants, investment managers and commodity exchanges shared with participants their comments and advices covering the highlighted Sino-US Trade War, world crude oil pricing, polyester demand distribution, coal-based MEG, market dynamics, technology frontier, futures options, investment strategies, concentrated refinery start-ups in China, market review and perspective, etc.

To learn details from links below:

Conference Papers

On Spot Report 

Conference Agenda
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