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    14th China International Recycled Polyester Conference & Exhibition(2018)
--CCFEI and Dr. Thiele Polyester Technology

Supported by Recycled Fiber Commission of China Chemical Fibers Association and China National Chemical Fiber Corp., organized by CCFEI and Dr. Thiele Polyester Technology, the 14th China International Recycled Polyester Conference & Exhibition achieved a full success on 14 Sep, 2018. Around 300-400 representatives of leading enterprises and traders from around 15 countries and regions, including Germany, Italy, Austria, India, Japan, S Korea, the US, UK, Belgium, Greek, Thailand, Pakistan, Hongkong and Taiwan, gathered to change ideas and information about recycled polyester chain.

As the most influential recycled industry annual summit in China, the one-and-half-day conference contained totally 18 speeches, covering a wide scope of industry concerns, ranging from the increasing tension between China and the US, handful of environment protection policies and stricter ruling, differentiated recycled productions and structural reformation, to successive inspections resulting in lower operating rates of recycling enterprises.

Against such a complicated backdrop, will recycling players be able to catch up with PTA movements? Will the industry upgrading go well? How to compete with virgin polyester products? What changes will come from stricter environment requirements and growing demand for high value-added products?

Addressing to above industry high lights, Luo Xiaoli, Division Chief of Energy-saving and Comprehensive Utilization Department of MIIT, and Xia Zhilin, Counselor for Green Fiber Certificate of CCFA attended our conference and talked about latest polices and rules of government regarding environment protection and strategies for sustainable development.

We also invited speakers from renowned recycled fiber producers, flake and equipment suppliers to introduce latest development and perspective of recycling technologies and progress, advanced concepts to raise production efficiency, innovations and practices to raise added-value of recycled products.

There were also networking opportunities provided in the evening of 12 Sep, in a seminar participated by recycling enterprises, and also during the CCFEI-Jiaren New Materials Night banquet in the evening of 13 Sep.

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