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    7th China International Recycled Polyester Forum(2011)
--organized by CCFEI, Dr. Thiele Polyester Technology and PCI PET Recycling

The 7th China International Recycled Polyester Forum, supported by China Chemical Fiber Association (CCFA) and organized by Recycled Fiber Committee of CCFA, China Chemical & Fiber Economic Information Network (CCFEI), Dr. Thiele Polyester Technology and PCI PET Packaging, Resin & Recycling Ltd, came to a successful close in Rainbow Hotel, Shanghai, China, on 23 Sep 2011. The conference was attended by around 300 representatives of recyclers, traders, feedstock suppliers, downstream users, machinery suppliers and related media from China and overseas. The Forum provides participants an opportunity to exchange ideas and collect information on highly concerned industry issues, regarding structural transformation, import of waste bottles, anti-dumping and bottle-to-bottle.

More details in links below:

Conference Papers

On Spot Report  

Conference Agenda
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