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    15th China International Recycled Polyester Conference & Exhibition(2019)
--organized by CCFEI and Dr. Thiele Polyester Technology

Supported by Recycled Fiber Commission of China Chemical Fibers Association and China National Chemical Fiber Corp., organized by CCFEI and Dr. Thiele Polyester Technology, the 15th China International Recycled Polyester Conference & Exhibition was held at 9:00, 19 Sep, in Holiday Inn Shanghai Hongqiao, China. More than 400 representatives of leading enterprises and traders from around 20 countries and regions, including Germany, Italy, Austria, India, Japan, S Korea, the US, UK, Belgium, Greek, Thailand, Pakistan, Hongkong and Taiwan, gathered to change ideas and information about recycled polyester chain.

In 2019, R-PET fiber market was hit hardly, with waste polyester ban issued last year fuelling feedstock costs and badly eroded margin. Nevertheless, the challenging situation may provide an opportunity for the industry to establish new standards, and pursue R&D and technology break-through, thus to obtain a sustainable developing mode based on green production and high-quality.

Against such a backdrop, we invited senior officials and engineers from government institutions and standard makers, to explain China’s policies and rules relating to recycling industry, while introduce the countries strategies of green development.

We also invited speakers from renowned recycled fiber producers, flake and equipment suppliers, as well as downstream consumers, traders, industry association and media to discuss development perspective of the industry under new normal, exchange ideas about industry innovation and how to upgrade their technologies and develop high-end products.

Totally 16 speakers contributed their speeches during the one-and-half-day conference, covering macro-economy, market analysis and technology development, etc.

And in the evening of the first day, hosted by CCFA Recycled Fiber Commission, some of participants had a seminar focusing on difficulties facing recycling industry, seeking for solutions.

You may learn more details from our On Spot Report.

Conference Papers

On Spot Report 

Conference Agenda
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