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1.To Realize a China Dream with Nylon Industry 
            Deng Jun, Secretary General of Nylon Committee, China Chemical Fibers Association

2.Where are we in the cycle?
            Sheng Weimin, Chief Adviser, Haitong Futures

3.De-capacity of Caprolactam Industry
            Huang Wei, Fiber Raw Material Dept., Sinopec Chemical Commercial Holding Co., Ltd.

4.Fibrant’s Caprolactam Technology: A Sustainable Alternative
            Hans Op het Veld, Vice President Research and Technology, Fibrant

5.Status Quo and Reflection of China Nylon-6 Industry
            He Zhuosheng, Deputy General Manager, Guangdong Xinhui Meida Nylon Co., Ltd.

6.Perspective of Nylon Industry, and Construction of Nylon City
            Fan Xinchuan, Deputy Director of Nylon City Construction, China Pingmei Shenma Group

7.Plastics Producers Facing Challenges from the New Normal
            Gong Dongwei, CEO, Fansu (Shanghai) Technology, Co., Ltd.

8.Caprolactam Markets -- Can They Remain Healthy?
            Charles Fryer, Chairman, Tecnon OrbiChem Ltd.

9.Being Strong with Zimmer’s Polymer Technologies in a Competitive and Changing Market
            Maurice Koch, Product manager polyamide, Technip Zimmer GmbH

10.Review of Benzene Market Changes in 2017, and Perspective
            Shen Yili, Zhejiang Huafon Spandex

11.To Get a Foot in the Door for Adiponitrile Localization is Necessary!
            Lv Min, Project Leader, Shandong Runxing Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

12.Current and Future Automotive Needs for Commodity and High Performance Polyamides
            Dr Laurent GERVAT, Technical Polymers and Composites Expert, Renault, France

13.Polyamide 66 – A New Chapter or Business as Usual?
            Charles Fryer, Chairman, and Emma Liu,Senior Consultant - Polyamide & Intermediates Tecnon OrbiChem Ltd.

14.Nylon Industry Greeting a Boom
            Jiang Zhenhua, Analyst, CHTC Landview Network Co., Ltd. (CCFEI)

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