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   China International Polyester & Intermediates Forum
Overcapacity of China’s Industries & Suggestions for De-capacity
Re-balance Road for Crude Oil
Status quo and Perspective of China’s Polyester Fiber Market in
New Raw Materials, Advanced Technology, Innovative Products and
Commercialization of FDCA and PEF: Biobased Building Block and
Pelletizing and Direct Crystallization of PET – CC-PETÒ
Polyester Fibres in Europe: A Challenging Environment with Many
Polyester Production: Energy Consumption Analysis and Energy
Analysing The Global PET Resin Industry: Common Trends And
How Will PTA Market React under Complicated Macroeconomy?
   China International Polyamide & Intermediates Forum
Strategies to Facilitate R&D and Application of New Nylon
Caprolactam Market Outlook
China Role in a Changing Road
Perspective of High-end Nylon Market
Bio-Polyamide R&D and its Commercialization Process
Caprolactam – PA6 Polymer – Fibre, Resin: Overcapacity Builds
Performance and Application of YilonTM Fiber
Facing the Future of Polyamide 6 Technology with Plant and
Challenges for China Nylon-6 Industry
Innovative Application Development of Polyamide Engineering
   China International Acrylonitrile & Acrylic Fiber Forum
World Fibres to 2025 – Acrylic Fibres in Context
Analysis of the “New normal” in China’s economic growth --
Acrylic fiber industry review and outlook
Acrylonitrile market in Asia (Intensifying competition)
How should suppliers cope with increasing acrylonitrile
Innovation for survival — Acrylic fiber industry transformation
Perspective of acrylonitrile-based adiponitrile production
The influence on acrylonitrile from China ABS production &
Thoughts about sustainable development of acrylic fiber industry
Global acrylonitrile market overview
   China International Recycled Polyester Forum & exhibition
Analysis on the Origin and Certification of Green Fiber
High-efficient Production Technology of Recycled Polyester Fibers
Standardization System Construction for Recycled Chemical Fiber
Fiber Recycling: From Fibre Waste to New Clean Melt or Pellets
Value Added Products of Sustainable Polyester
Sorema Technology in PET Recycling
Issues of R-PET Industry Development in NE China & Experience
rPET-Production with LSP-Process for Post Industrial Sheets,
Sustainable Development Strategy of RPET
The PetStar Circular Economy on PET Recycling
   China International Acetic Acid – Vinyl Acetate Forum
Economic Outlook- What It Means to the Chemical Industry
China’s Countermeasures against Imported Inflation, and Economic
China Acetic Acid Industry during in 12th Five-year Plan Period
PVOH with Special Performance
Innovation History and Prospect for the Development of Zr Pump &
Discussion on Methanol Industry in China
China Acetic Acid Market Overview
Analysis on China Butyl Acetate Market and Development Trend
SABOX TECHNOLOGY Future for the production of Acetic Acid
Global Acetyls Market: Time to Move Forward
   China Textile Feedstock Market Forum
Industry & Market
Cotton Reserve Policy & Cotton Market
Status quo of Home Textiles Market and Analysis on Feedstock
Analysis on Global and China Cotton Market
African Cotton Development Prospects for Chinese Spinners
Status quo and Tendency of Global Fiber Consumption
Analysis on China Cotton Market
US Economy and Cotton Industry Development Trend
2012/2013 China Fibers Fashion Trends
The Development of Viscose Fibres in A Changing Market
   China International Sulphur & Sulphuric Acid Conference
The analysis of farming dynamics and its impact on sulphur and
Will China lead or follow the sulphur market to 2018?
Analysis on RMB tendency and China import and export situation
Analysis on China's sulphur production and future growth
Analysis of Sulphur import trend in China
Analysis on sulphur purchasing and prices
Comparison of the benefits of modular construction versus field
Overview of China sulphur & sulphuric acid from nonferrous metals
Sulphuric acid export from China: still possible?
Development status and outlook of sulphuric acid industry in
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