Event Overview

What is going on in 2017?

Supply-side reformation making progress. FDE increasing interest rates sending bulk stock commodity market into fluctuation. Will the Freezing Production agreement really work? Operation of plants going through hitches amid volatile movements through polyester chain. Will plants still able to deal with their mid-year inventory without the help of G20?

How to face challenges? How to avoid losses caused by dramatic shifts between price rises and falls, which are likely to repeat this year? What change will take place with profit distribution through the polyester chain, as more and more players are building refinery capacities for captive use? With idled PTA capacities coming back, how to protect margin from over-supply? What can we do to prepare for MEG futures? Will drastic reformation take place on end-users’ side? Where will the highlights lie in the future? What do buyers really need?

Focusing on widely concerned topics above, and with experiences gained from success of previous thirteen forums, China Chemical & Fiber Economic Information Network (CCFEI) and Tecnon OrbiChem are to hold the 14th China International Polyester & Intermediates Forum. We’ ll, as we did in each forum in the past, invite relevant government institutions, industry associations, major feedstock suppliers and polyester producers, as well as traders and financial experts, upstream and downstream, home and abroad, to share their ideas and valuable info about polyester chain. The conference themes will cover paraxylene, PTA/MEG, polyester filament/staple fiber, polyester chips of fiber/bottle grade, etc, as well as futures market. We also invite you to join our event and exchange with us your opinions about the industry.filament/staple fiber, polyester chips of fiber/bottle grade, etc, as well as futures market. We also invite you to join our event and exchange with us your opinions about the industry.

Let's gather in Shanghai to forge new business relations in China.
The participants of previous 3 years come around 24 countries and regions.
  • Supporters:
  • Polyester Committee of China Chemical Fibers Association
    China National Chemical Fiber Corp.
  • Organizers:
  • China Chemical & Fiber Economic Information Network (CCFEI)
    Tecnon OrbiChem

Registration Date: 14:00, 12 July 2017

Conference Time: 13-14 July 2017

Conference Venue: Shanghai Minya Hotel, 500 Gushan Road, Pudong District, Shanghai, China

Conference Fees: The full registration fee is US$1,000 per person, including the costs of all sessions, conference documentation, luncheon, dinner and tea/coffee during the conference time, while excluding hotel accommodation. Group discounts are available. Please inquire for details.

Cancellation & Refunds: A full refund will be made for all written cancellations two weeks before the meeting. A 50% refund will be made for written cancellations received 7 days before the meeting. A substitute may be made at any time.

Conference Agenda
Time Presentation
13 Jul Topic
A. M. Beijing City, 4th Floor
9:00 Opening Speech
Roger Lee, Managing Director, Tecnon OrbiChem
9:10 Overview of China’s Economy in 2016 and Policy Proposals
Hu Xiaopeng, Researcher & Doctoral Supervisor, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
9:40 Analysis of World Crude Oil Market in H2 2017
Dong Dandan, Senior Researcher, Foresee Investment
10:10 Coffee Break
10:30 A new vision of polyester industrial chain market in China
Zhang Youding , Deputy Director General, Synthetic Fiber Division of Sinopec Chemical Products Sales Company
11:00 Global PET Market Outlook and Pricing Trends
Francesco Zanchi, CEO, Global Service International S.R.L
11:30 Status quo of PTA Industry, and Investment Opportunity Analysis
Xu Zhilong, General Manager, Hangzhou Shengchun Investment Consultancy Co., Ltd.
12:00 Lunch (French Cafeteria, 1st Floor)
P. M. Beijing City, 4th Floor

Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange Session

How to Utilize PTA Futures to Improve Pricing and Capital Performance
Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange

Clearing of Petrochemical-derivative products in SGX
Zhou Zhou, Singapore Commodity Exchange Limited

Analysis on hedging between crude oil and PTA
Liu Jian,  Senior research of Energy and Chemical Department, Xinhu Futures Institute

16:15 Coffee Break

Networking opportunity

We are inviting representatives from Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, Yisheng Petrochemical, Hengli Petrochemical, Sinopec and Kaifeng Investment to focus on:

Commodity perspective in H2 2017
Perspective of polyester market
How to utilize PTA futures to hedge spots risks
Perspective of PTA option and market maker
Highlights with downstream demand

18:00 Dinner (French Cafeteria, 1st Floor)
14 Jul  
A. M. Beijing City, 4th Floor
9:00 Macro-development mode and trend of aromatics-polyester industry
Luo Hongjing, Deputy Director, CNPC Economics & Technology Research Institute
9:30 New Bio-Routes for The Production of Monoethylene Glycol
Roger Lee, Managing Director, Tecnon OrbiChem
10:00 Vietnam Textile Industry & Fabric Production Without TPP
NGUYEN BINH AN, Secretary General, Vietnam Cotton & Spinning Association (VCOSA)
10:30 Coffee break
10:50 China’s Polyester Industry in the New Normal
Zhao Cheng, Deputy Manager, CCFEI
11:20 Polyester´s Contribution to the Textile Industry -Different National Strategies
Andreas W. Engelhardt, General Manager, The Fiber Year
11:50 Lunch (French Cafeteria, 1st Floor)
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Varied promotional activities in CCFEI conferences, including speech, exhibition, video and banquet sponsorship, have attracted the participation of Top-500 enterprises like BASF and Coca-cola. Meanwhile, CCFEI conferences provide great help for Chinese and overseas suppliers and traders to understand industry dynamics and establish business relationships. CCFEI conferences are recognized as most valuable promotion opportunities by futures agencies, industry parks, multi commodity exchanges, and suppliers of equipments and parts, finish oil and auxiliaries.
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Page (handout collection)
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Inside back cover RMB6,000
1st inside page RMB8,000
2nd inside page RMB6,000
Other colored pages RMB5,000
Monochrome inside pages RMB3,000
Large Advertising Board in Conference Hall
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  • 3m×3m
  • Sponsor’s promoting info below conference name and organizers’ logo, which are at the top of the board.
RMB8,000 for each board Content provided by sponsor. Designed by organizer in unified pattern.
Distribution of Promotion Leaf On tables in conference hall RMB5,000 Prepared by sponsor, one page of content only for each company
In conference bags RMB3,000
On registration desk RMB2,000
Participant List A Company name, tels and advertising text at bottom of each inside pages RMB3,000 Limited in 100 lettersSole sponsor
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  • One desk with two chairs, power socket and lintel board
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RMB 15,000 1) Poster designed by sponsor, printed and set up by organizer
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