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Polyester Polyamide Acrylic Recycled PET AA - VAM Textile Feedstock Sulphur
1.Strategies to Facilitate R&D and Application of New Nylon Products 
            Deng Jun, Secretary General of Nylon Committee, China Chemical Fibers Association

2.Caprolactam Market Outlook
            Huang Wei, Fiber Raw Material Dept., Sinopec Chemical Commercial Holding Co., Ltd.

3.China Role in a Changing Road
            Song Manjun, Marketing & Logistics Director, Fujian Shenyuan New Materials Co., Ltd.

4.Perspective of High-end Nylon Market
            Qiu Jianjun, Deputy GM of Marketing Purchasing Center, Zhejiang Hengyi Petrochemical

5.Bio-Polyamide R&D and its Commercialization Process
            Dr. Liu Xiucai, President & CEO, Cathay Industrial Biotech Ltd.

6.Caprolactam – PA6 Polymer – Fibre, Resin: Overcapacity Builds Along the Supply Chain
            Charles Fryer, Chairman, Tecnon Orbichem

7.Performance and Application of YilonTM Fiber
            Xue Bin, Professorate Senior Engineer, Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fiber

8.Facing the Future of Polyamide 6 Technology with Plant and Product Versatility
            Christian Elenz, Process Engineer, UHDE INVENTA-FISCHER GMBH

9.Challenges for China Nylon-6 Industry
            Jiang Zhenhua, Product Manager, China Chemical & Fiber Economic Information Network (CCFEI)

10.Innovative Application Development of Polyamide Engineering Plastics
            Qu Zhenlin, Director of Sales Dept., UBE Shanghai

11.Developments in Polyamide Tyrecord Industry
            D. Pulikeshi, Chief Consultant & Director, Pulikeshi & Associates, Consultants

12.New Trend of Asian Benzene Market
            Wang Song, Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

13.Graphene-modified Nylon 6 Chip of High Performance
            Ma Yufei, Chief Scientist, Henglibao Nano New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

14.Development and Application of New Products of Polyamide 6 Yarn
            Zhao Jie, Deputy GM Assistant, Changle Highsun Synthetic Fiber Technologies Co., Ltd

15.The Market Status and Development Prospect of Polyamide Staple Fiber Industry in China
            Zhao Ling, GM, CHTC Sinofiber Wuxi Co., Ltd.

16.Polyamide 66 and Intermediates: China Is the New Growth Centre
            James Mills, Business Manager Polyamide and Acrylic Fibre Intermediates, Tecnon OrbiChem Emma Liu, Consultant Polyamide and Intermediates, Tecnon Orbichem Shanghai Office

17.Macroeconomic Backdrop and Nylon Industry
            Lin Jun, Chief Editor, China Chemical & Fiber Economic Information Network (CCFEI)

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