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Polyester Polyamide Acrylic Recycled PET AA - VAM Textile Feedstock Sulphur
1.Polyester Growth Signals in a Time of Rising Uncertainty 
            Jason Miner, ‎Senior Analyst - Global Chemicals, Bloomberg Intelligence

2.Risk and Opportunity in International Oil Price Fluctuation
            Li Zhan, World Crude Oil Price Analyst, Economics & Development Research Institute (EDRI), SINOPEC

3.Polyester Chain – A Marathon or a Sprint
            R.D.Udeshi, President Polyester Chain, Reliance Industries Limited

4.PET Market Overview Focusing on European Market & Future Trends
            Barton Xu, China Manager, Global Service International S.R.L

5.Latest Development of UOP Sinco SSP Technology
            Giuliano Ghiglione, Senior Account Manager, UOP

6.Crude Oil to Chemicals (COTC) Refineries & Their Impact on Paraxylene Markets
            Michelle Yang, Senior Consultant, Tecnon OrbiChem

7.Maximizing the ROI of the PTA and PET projects
            Jose Luis Cazariego, Senior Technology Director, Alpek Polyester®

8.China Polyester Industry Chain in Post-boom Cycle
            Zhao Cheng, Principal for Polyester Industry Chain, CHTC Landview Network (CCFEI)

9.The Future of MEG: Fundamentals for a New Landscape
            Antulio Borneo Jr, ‎ Global Marketing Director, MEGlobal

10.Analysis on MEG Market based on Its Position in the Industry Chain
            Zhao Jun, General Manager of Chemical Feedstock Business Unit, Sinochem International

11.Examining the Global PET Resin Industry: Trends & Challenges
            Kim Hyun-Min, Senior Consultant Polyester Fibres & Resins, Tecnon OrbiChem

12.Introduction of Pilot Innovation in Industrial Services of DCE
            Wang Yuning, Manager of Industry Development Department, Dalian Commodity Exchange

13.Looking for MEG Trade Logic in a Period of Capacity Expansion
            Cao Wenting, Senior Analyst, CHTC Landview Network (CCFEI)

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