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Polyester Polyamide Acrylic Recycled PET AA - VAM Textile Feedstock Sulphur
1.China Textile & Chemical Fiber Industry in a World Changed by COVID-19 
            Deng Jun, Secretary General of Nylon Committee, China Chemical Fibers Association

2.Outlook of China CPL market supply/demand structure
            Gong Xiaojun, Sinopec Chemical Commercial Holding Company Limited Jiangsu Company

3.CPL in continuous capacity expansion and PA-6,6 in ADN supply crisis
            Sun Hongfen, Analyst, CHTC Landview Network Co., Ltd. (CCFEI)

4.New Environment, New Challenge, and New Development
            Chen Xinfu, Vice General Manager, Fujian Eversun Jinjiang Co., Ltd.

5.Analysis on current macroeconomic situation and staple commodity market
            Xie Shimin, Chief Macro Strategy Analyst, CHTC Landview Network Co., Ltd. (CCFEI)

6.Global caprolactam/polyamide 6 overview: No stopping China growth
            Joyce Chen, Senior Consultant–Polyamide 6 & Intermediates, Methanol, Polyacetal, Tecnon OrbiChem

7.Probe into flexibility about polyamide application in rail traffic
            Zhang Yong, Engineering Plastics Dept. East China, Kingfa Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd.

8.Modification Technology of Multi-functional PA-6 Composite Material
            Yi Chunwang, Professor, Hunan Normal University

9.Global polyamide 66 overview: Feedstock constraints holding back growth
            Anna Zhao,Senior Consultant – Oxo-Products, Polyamide 66 & Intermediates,Tecnon OrbiChem

10.Nylon-6 -- Review of 2020, and Perspective of 2021
            Jiang Zhenhua, Analyst, CHTC Landview Network Co., Ltd. (CCFEI)

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