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Polyester Polyamide Acrylic Recycled PET AA - VAM Textile Feedstock Sulphur
1.China’s Policies for Recycling Economy during the 13th Five-Year Plan--Recycled Plastics 
            Zhang Deyuan, Deputy Director General, Institute of Economic System and Management NDRC

2.Green Fiber Certificate and Fiber Recycling
            Li Deli, Secretary General, China Chemical Fibers Association Recycled Fiber Commission

3.Green Factory Criteria for Textile Industry
            Zhang Zhongjuan, Person in Charge of Energy Saving and Green Standard, Industry Dept., China National Textile and Apparel Council

4.Customization and Green Development of Recycled Colored Yarn
            Zhang Feipeng, President, Fujian Baichuan Resources Recycling Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

5.Future Requirements of “Circular Economy” and EREMA’s Smart and Flexible Solutions
            Wolfgang Hermann, Business Development Manager Application Fibres & Textiles, EREMA Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen Ges.m.b.H.

6.Researches of R-PET Industry Development in Current Macro-cycle
            Lin Jun, Chief Analyst, CHTC Landview Network (CCFEI)

7.Status Quo and Perspective of Recycling Industry
            Wang Zhijun, General Manager, Hebei Jinyi Polyester Fiber Co., Ltd.

8.Liquid State Polycondensation - Effectivity and Application Opportunities
            David Hehenberger, Manager of Market and Business Development Department, Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH

9.PET Bottle Recycling in Japan: Looking back the History from the View Point of Structural Change to Get Future Prospects
            Masanobu Ishikawa, Professor of Economics School, Economic Research Sector of Kobe University’s Graduate School

10.The State of the Art SOREMA PET Washing Lines in China
            Aldo Previero, General manager, SOREMA div. of PREVIERO N. SRL

11.Flake Recycling Leading Green Fashion
            Sun Yajun, General Manager, Zhongxing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

12.Cold Thinking on the Transfer and Development of R-PET Industry
            Zhang Lei, General Manager, Jiangyin Desel Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.

13.GRS V4 Certificate—New Oportunities for Recycling Enterprises
            Qiu Binhong, Manager of Green Environment Department, Intertek Green Initiatives

14.From Discount-to-Premium: RPET Fibre in the Era of Sustainable Fashion
            Stewart Hardy, Global Manager - Petrochemical Market Dynamics, Nexant, Inc.

15.SWOT Analysis of R-PET Industry against the Backdrop of Policy Changes
            Ji Hui, Analyst, CHTC Landview Network (CCFEI)

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