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1.The analysis of farming dynamics and its impact on sulphur and sulphuric acid industry 
            Aochao Wang, Director, Rabobank

2.Will China lead or follow the sulphur market to 2018?
            Dr Peter Harrisson, Senior Consultant, Fertilizers, CRU

3.Analysis on RMB tendency and China import and export situation
            Li Shigang, Associated Researcher, Academy of Macroeconomic Research, NDRC

4.Analysis on China's sulphur production and future growth
            Wang Min, Senior Researcher, China Petroleum and Chemical Planning Institute

5.Analysis of Sulphur import trend in China
            Wang Jianli, Chief Consultant, China Chemical & Fiber Economic Information Network (CCFEI)

6.Analysis on sulphur purchasing and prices
            Xu Dingguo, Marketing Director, Yunnan Yuntianhua International Chemical Co. Ltd

7.Comparison of the benefits of modular construction versus field erection
            Uday N. Parekh, Vice President, International Business Development, Devco

8.Overview of China sulphur & sulphuric acid from nonferrous metals industry
            Hu Changping, Director, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association

9.Sulphuric acid export from China: still possible?
            Isaac Zhao, Senior Consultant, CRU

10.Development status and outlook of sulphuric acid industry in China
            Wu Xuemei, Vice President, China Sulphuric Acid Industry Association

11.Demand – supply prospects of fertilisers in India
            Dr S Nand, Deputy Director General, Fertilizer Association of India

12.Plant nutrient sulphur in China
            Donald Messick, Vice President, Communications, Marketing and Agriculture, The Sulphur Institute

13.Caprolactam industry expansion and its impacts on the acid markets
            Dr Crystal Chiang, Asia Director, PCI Nylon

14.Demand updates from the Titanium Dioxide industry
            Ed Barlow, Country Manager – China, TZMI

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